A Fresh Start

School can be a place of frustration and failure for students with special education needs. Capturing the interest of children and inspiring them to engage in the learning process offers a fresh start.

While adhering to Individualized Education Programs, teachers integrate academics into artistic, musical, technological, and entreprenurial opportunities in a way that most students find fascinating. When they begin to see the value of applying the principles of math and science, or how important reading and composition are to most everything we do, students have a brand new motivation for learning. And they begin to approach the challenges of life with renewed confidence.

Our students have expanded their horizons by:

  • Taking on roles in theatrical productions
  • Participating in Adventure Based Counseling
  • Playing on a sports team
  • Expressing themselves artistically through technology, puppetry, and comic illustration
  • Creating meals in our culinary program and serving them to guests in our school café
  • Learning how to craft Adirondack chairs, tables, and other items
  • Exploring the wonders of nature and aquatic wildlife
  • Discovering the joy of music and producing their own CDs in our recording studio
  • Earning their high school diploma and obtaining a job placement in the community


Enrollment requires a referral from your Local Education Agency